Welcome to the information page for @resonantrp (Resonant RP). We're glad that you are interested! Resonant RP is an East-Asian Entertainment Non-AU RP. Those may seem like a bunch of unfamiliar words, so I'll clear that up for you. East-Asian Entertainment refers to any celebrities from East Asia (K-Pop, J-Pop, Mandopop, etc). Non-AU is the opposite of AU, meaning that you play your character as if they were the real person. This is a roleplay and none of the characters found here are meant to defame or impersonate the reals.
How to Join
Here is the step-by-step process to joining us at Resonant!
i. Check our Claims list to see whether the muse you want to play is taken or not.
ii. Create a Twitter account. You may use any username you wish.
iii. DM @resonantrp and include your muse's name and group. That's all that we require, however you are free to use other services (Tumblr, AIM, DW, etc) if you wish. At the moment we do not list those services on our claims list, so it's up to you whether or not you give them out.
iv. We will post a tweet introducing your muse to the community and add your muse to our community's list. At that time, you are free to follow any members of the roleplay that you wish.

Since we don't require anything except for Twitter for you to join our roleplay, Resonant does not accept reserves or holds.

i. Keep OOC and IC separate. This is not optional! Things that happen in game are not to be thought of as a mun having a personal vendetta against you, and likewise, things outside of the game should not be taken in game.
ii. No meta-gaming or god-modding. Meta-gaming refers to taking out of game knowledge and using it in to your advantage (or disadvantage, in some cases) in game. God-modding is when you take another player’s character into your own hands to manipulate them. Obviously, if you have permission to do the latter, this can be waived.
iii. Realism is a must. This game is Non-AU, and in a format where we try to adhere to the schedules of the real idols. This means that anything significantly life-altering (such as noticeable serious illness, self-injuries where they could be seen, hospital visits, blatant marriage and/or PDA, pregnancies, etc) must be cleared with the moderator FIRST, and will not be accepted if it interferes with real life appearances.
iv. Regarding doubles. Doubles are prohibited within the game and you are expected to interact with the characters that are associated with Resonant. We cannot strictly inforce the no-doubles rule, but if you are seen interacting primarily with a double outside of the community, you are at risk for removal.
v. Regarding muse limit. At the moment there is a limit on three (3) muses per mun.
Since we are a Twitter-based roleplay, we have only one (1) way to track activity for the moment. Our activity checks take place once a month, and require that you post to Twitter at least thirty (30) times (mentions included), with five (5) mentions to other muses within the roleplay to be considered active. If you are cut, you must wait a week (7 days) until you can join again.